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To job searchers who value their time,

What if every question you filled out on a job application actually mattered?
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Let Employers See The Real You, Right Away

Introducing Active Employ, where you can apply to better jobs and get hired faster. -- Here’s what you’ll find:

ONLY REAL JOBS No paid posts or click schemes—we only accept listings from real companies seeking real workers.

FASTER INTERVIEWS Once an employer selects you, there’s no need to send a resume or cover letter—you will receive notification via email or text. And there’s no hiring robots; everything you say will be seen by the hiring manager.

QUESTIONS THAT MATTER Complete a few simple personality tests and be judged for who you really are, not just for what you have or haven’t done.

FAIR TREATMENT We don’t send your information to other companies—we know you’re looking for a job, not getaway spa deals. NO RE-DIRECTS Employers aren’t permitted to link to other sites, meaning you only keep track of ActiveEmploy for your search. Any links in a listing will be blocked.

So how does it work?:

  1. Create your profile; fill out as much or as little as you want.
  2. Browse jobs; see who is hiring, what they are looking for, and how much it pays.
  3. Click that you are interested and leave a note. You’re done.
No more registering an account for every position, waiting for calls that might not come, or interviewing for positions that aren’t right for you


What if there was a way to hire those who care most about your company?.

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(only for employers who value their time)
Finally, a way to guarantee better matches and better hires. A way to sift out the resume blasters, and hire those that will make your company GROW. Introducing: ActiveEmploy, a new way to search for candidates.
Other services allow you to sort by overused ‘power words’ that don’t tell you anything about the employee. With ActiveEmploy, candidates aren’t ranked by their past experience.

Instead, we rank them on things that matter to you most: personality, industry skills, and activity level. No longer interview candidates with all of the experience and none of the spirit. And if they aren’t actively job searching, who’s to say they will be active at their job?

Job searchers are asked to complete simple tasks that reveal who they really are. Here’s what you’ll find:
  • Will this candidate perform for my company?
  • Why this candidate is applying and what are they looking for?
  • What does their past feedback say about them?
This means no more wasted time hunting through hundreds of mis-matched applications. Hire different. Choose the best fit for the job, and contact them instantly. How does it work?
  1. You sign up (we’re cheaper than our competitors).
  2. Applicants are sorted by fit for your position.
  3. You contact candidates you like, instantly, through our secure text messaging service.
Searchers are contacted via text, giving you a faster response time. Simple as that. Sign up today, simplify your search, and hire active.


Learn why Active Employ is worth investing in.

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Employment shouldn’t be a full-time job.
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